Mastering Your 20s and Beyond : 3 Mental Health Myths

That Are Holding You Back (And How to Fix Them)

Mastering Your 20s: 3 Mental Health Myths That Are Holding You Back (And How to Fix Them)

Struggling with anxiety and uncertainty in your 20s or more? Wondering why life isn’t as perfect as social media makes it seem? I'll help you break free from the myths holding you back and provide you with the tools to navigate your life with clarity and purpose"

Join renowned therapist and coach Tess Brigham for a free masterclass designed to help you navigate your 20s with clarity and confidence.

CNBC Named Tess "The Millennial Therapist"

Thanks to her 15 years of experience helping young people find their purpose, develop their confidence and create a life they're excited about living.

What you'll learn in this masterclass :

1. Understanding Your 20s and beyond

Pinpoint the specific reasons behind the common struggles faced in your 20s or more, from career confusion to relationship dilemmas.

2. Managing Anxiety and Overwhelm:

Discover practical strategies to cope with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm, transforming them into positive action.

3. Overcoming Social Media Comparison:

Learn to navigate the pressures of social media and stop comparing your life to curated online personas.

4. Enhancing Self-Awareness:

Develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts and feelings, and how they influence your behavior and decisions.

Meet Tess Brigham

Meet Tess Brigham

A licensed therapist, certified coach, and TEDx speaker who turned her own quarter-life crisis into a mission to help others. With over 20 years of experience, Tess blends therapy and coaching to address young adults' unique challenges. Her "radically practical" methods focus on small, meaningful actions that lead to significant change, guiding clients towards a fulfilling life.


Tess is the hero young adults aren't looking for- she helps them see the roadblocks to setting and achieving life goals, and normalizes the challegnes they face as real, solvable, and tractable. Plus she provides young adults with the tools and the mental frame to help buid the life they dream of. Thank you, Tess, for giving our next generation a path forward.

— Nina Horne, Director at Samara Family Services

Tess helped me reorient to my goals so that I could move foward out of stagnation to a more fulfilling path. She focused on my specific needs and was able to provide not only her presence and dialogue but other resources that I could pursue at my leisure. Her powerful and engaging personality created an atmosphere where communication about difficult subjects flowed naturally

— C.S, Tess coaching client, Age 22

Working with Tess has been the most life-changing experience for me- I am so grateful for the many ways she has empowered me to be a more confident, secure, and balanced person over our work together. She is so easy to open up to, non-judgmental, and has an incredible sense of humor- she's enabled so many perspective shift and 'aha moments'for me, and I can't thank her enough! Coaches like Tess make the word a better place.

— M.D.,Tess coaching client, Age 25

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