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Live Life on Your Terms

Get out of your own way and start leading your best life. 


No one warned you “adult-ing” would be so exhausting.

Do any of these sound familiar? You’re…


Frustrated trying to figure out what you are supposed to "be"?


Exhausted working a "job" that doesn't fit and isn't making you happy?


Tired of watching friends speed by to their success, finding the perfect everything - love, the perfect job that pays, happiness!?! Looking like they have it all figured out...

You did everything “right”…

A carefully laid-out plan.

The “right” degrees, secured “the” job, and even have an apartment.

You’re independent and “living the dream” and asking…


Is this it? Then how come I’m not happy?

Something is missing.

What if you could have total clarity and “know” the answers?

What if, instead of scrolling Instagram and coming face to face with else’s perfect life, you could create your own perfect life?

Stop dreading disappointing yourself and others. Stop the fears and anxiety that keep you awake at night.

I’m offering 6 simple steps to design a life that fits for you, gives you the answers to your most gripping questions, and connects you to happiness, in relationships, with your career, and more? What if you could feel free again! 

Stop avoiding the temporary fixes. You know they don’t work! Not a spontaneous trip to Bali, or a night out on the town to forget about your problems. Not a new wardrobe or even a new job – unless you want one! Definitely not a new app or photo filter.

Those temporary fixes just keep you stuck, wasting time. 

Design the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Find Your Path!

No more blindly following “what you are supposed to do” and feeling “Meh”!

Yes, the year has been tough, filled with crisis – but with all of that comes the time and ability to get clear and to find happiness rather than settling! 

Hi, I’m Tess Brigham. At age 27, I seemed to have it all as a top Hollywood junior talent manager. But on the inside, things felt empty and pointless. So, I took a huge risk, quit my job, and rebuilt a career and life I love. Now I help other early-career professionals navigate their struggles and anxiety causing challenges to create their best life.

Over the past decade I have helped thousands find their answers too. A licensed psychotherapist and board-certified coach, I have created an easy step by step program to help you get untangled and “Stop the Struggle”. I am offering you this special opportunity to use what I teach my clients to help them become happier and aligned with success, doing what they really want to do, and living their lives the way they really want to. Now it’s your turn. 

“Courage isn’t the absence of fear, courage is fear walking.”

– Dr. Susan David

I’m Tess, and I’ll walk alongside you.

After surviving my own quarter-life crisis, I gained the tools and training to help others do the same. I know all too well how hard it is to figure out this whole “adulting” thing on your own. And so, armed with my own experiences, licensure in psychotherapy, and a wealth of compassion, I founded Tess Brigham Coaching.

This is a space for you. Through a combination of 1:1 coaching and group programs, you’re invited to ask the big questions, reshape your identity, and face your fears, head-on. I work hand-in-hand with the women I serve, cheering you on as you take action and go for your dreams. Learn my full story.

*If you’re a parent looking to help your child launch their life, or a millennial male who wants support, I can help you too. Click here to find out how.

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It’s time to take back control of your life.

The first step is to say yes to exploring the possibilities. We’ll hop on a quick, free consultation call, and I’ll help you figure out the best option for your needs.

No more uncertainty.

You can be exactly who you want to be and I’ll help you figure out who that even is.

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Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get my Radically Practical strategies for navigating career burnout, anxiety, dating, and whatever else the world sends your way.