Climate change is intensifying, and environmental catastrophes have become a more constant concern. As a result, more and more kids grow up admiring personal heroes who save polar bears, stop deforestation, or clean up oil spills. If you were one of those kids and want to find a way to make an impact, consider these careers for people who want to help the environment.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers provide solutions to environmental issues, such as waste disposal or public health, by using the principles of engineering, biology, chemistry, and soil science. They may be hired to consult with companies on how to manage their recycling or design systems for treating industrial wastewater. Environmental engineers require either a bachelor’s degree in their field or a related field. If they work for the public, they must be licensed as professional engineers.


A forester cares for, plants, and manages the trees of a forest. Much of their job is spent outside collecting forest data and investigating trees for harvesting. They also may respond to emergencies in the forest. It is an excellent career path for people who want to be as close to nature as often as possible, while still working to protect and conserve the great outdoors. Most foresters must obtain a bachelor’s degree in forest management, fisheries, wildlife, or other conservation-related fields.

Urban Planner

Maybe a profession with “urban” in the title does not sound like the most eco-friendly career path; however, urban planning is among the best careers for people who want to help the environment. Urban planners create plans and programs that help accommodate cities, towns, and counties as they grow and change in population. Urban planners are at the forefront of environmental protection because they can ensure that new communities do not infringe on the environment. The career path requires a bachelor’s degree in urban planning.