Find your Path Mastermind

Find Your Path Mastermind

For young women (aka: Millennials/Gen Y’ers)
who are struggling to find their way in life + career.

Your life’s path was meant for something more… something greater… something more fulfilling, wasn’t it? That desire deep inside your soul never found its way to the surface, and now you’re suffering with a life of mediocrity and disappointment.

Finding your true life’s purpose + calling is hard. It’s even harder when you’re faced with the uncertainty of another attempt at finding your true happiness.

You’ve tried it all to find your true happiness:

  • Every weight loss plan + magic pill you could buy (with no results)
  • Different jobs every year for the last 4 years (with a new job up on the horizon)
  • Relationship after relationship that continue to fail and flounder like dead fish

It’s no secret that you’re unhappy in your current life situation – your family sees it, your co-workers see it, and even your dog sees it!

So let me ask you a big question…


““And here’s what that perfect answer can do for you: Before Tess, no direction, scared of everything, feeling overwhelmed. After Tess, direction, confidence, feeling easy and free. It’s as simple as that.”

— M.E., 23

Find Your Path Mastermind is an exclusive opportunity for women just like you who are living in the Millennial or Gen Y world where direction and true purpose seem to be lost.

When you join the Find Your Path Mastermind, you will:

  • Find your destined path that will lead you to your life’s purpose + true happiness
  • Feel confident and empowered about the direction your life is headed (both personally and professionally)
  • Uncover the confidence in yourself and your abilities to actually make the right decisions for yourself (and stop caring what others think about your decisions)
  • Discover your big, huge, important WHY
  • Obtain tangible results based on the goals you set out for yourself

The Find Your Path Mastermind is about collaboration, feedback, support, and accountability! You will not have to travel this road alone – finding your true path can be scary at times and uncover some of your deepest, darkest fears that you didn’t even know existed!

With the support of a mastermind community, you won’t have to face those scary and uncertain times alone. And the fear that what your life holds for you in the future is uncertain will be erased – you will learn how to embrace your current situation and live in the moment you chose!

“B.S., 29, said this about finding her passion while working with me: “Tess asks the right questions to help you focus on figuring out your passion and direction. She creates a game plan for you to take action.””

As an exclusive offer to the first round of 8 hand-selected women who take life in their own hands and create their own happiness, I want to offer you this deal that will never be offered again.

And if $1197 for 4 months of finding out who you are deep down inside + your soul’s purpose seems like “too much”… let’s think about what you spend $347 a month on:

  1. 3-4 dinners out with your family of 4 (because we all know eating out is not cheap these days)
  2. 2 trips to Target (because, I don’t need to say more do I?)
  3. 1-2 visits with a therapist to help you figure out your purpose for months and months on end with no support system

Let’s hop on a call so I can answer any questions you may have about the life-changing tools, resources, support, and exercises you will get in the Find Your Path Mastermind to help you finally uncover what it is you were born to do!

“Here’s what K.D., 24, had to say about our time together: “I just want to say you have helped me so much and I am so grateful for you. You’ve made a lasting impact on my life with the coaching you gave me, all of which I am still using today.”

You can snag your exclusive spot among 7 other incredibly amazing women for only $1197!

This investment can be spread out in a payment plan over the course of the 4 months ($347 per month), or you can get in for only $1197 (a discount of $191 off for paying in full)!

But remember, there are only 8 spots available, so make sure you grab yours RIGHT NOW!

Literally, that’s a STEAL!

The time is NOW to live a life that brings you fire and passion from deep within – stop watching others live a life of happiness and fulfillment while you struggle to even get out of bed in the morning.

AND…. here’s what you can expect during the Mastermind….

  • You will receive a thorough assessment prior to beginning the Mastermind. It will give Tess a better idea of where you’re starting out and where you want to go.
  • We will meet 2 times a month for first 3 months (90 minute zoom calls). During the 4th month we’ll meet just 1 time and allow that to be an implementation month and accountability.
  • Everyone in the Mastermind will have a chance to share what’s going on for them during each call, gain support and guidance from Tess and the group.
  • There will be a Private Facebook group.
  • Each person will be given resources and assignments based on their needs.


Your time is NOW! Grab your spot TODAY before all 8 spots are gone!