The Course 

Take this journey alongside other 20-something women to identify your unique avenues to happiness, create your roadmap, and start taking steps towards finding your path!

All of this for…only $997

You were told if you studied hard in high school you would get into a good college…and you would be happy.

So you studied hard and made sure you participated in every extracurricular activity you could squeeze in.

You got into a great college and you were told if you get into a good college and work hard you’ll get an amazing job…and you’ll be happy.

You graduated from college, got a job and you were told if you worked hard…you’ll be happy.

But you did all the things and…you’re not happy.

You thought adulthood would be different.

You thought you were on a path that would lead you to something greater, more fulfilling.

You now feel like you’re stuck in mediocrity and disappointment…and now wondering…is this as good as it gets?

Is this adulthood?!

You did everything you were told to do…so what went wrong?!

In a word: NOTHING

You didn’t do anything wrong.

When I was young I thought the same thing…I thought a better job, more money, a boyfriend would solve my problems. News flash…it doesn’t.

The problem isn’t you or anything you did, the problem is school doesn’t prepare you for adulthood.

School helps you figure out how to balance getting all your laundry done and studying for finals. It helps you think critically and look at the world from a new perspective…which is awesome…but it doesn’t help you:

Feel happy

Truly understand fear and how to make it your friend

Learn how to not be so attached to what others think or say

Determine what you really want and how to have it now

Help you embrace life’s disappointments

Make decisions you feel good about

So what do you do?

Book a trip to Bali? Quit your job and move home? Work harder and hope a promotion will make you feel better?

You could. I know I did when I was in my 20s.

But what if you know you’re ready to do things a little differently? What if you’re finally ready to invest your money and time into yourself so you can make lasting changes?

I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a reason you’re sitting where you are right now reading this…it’s time.

It’s time for you to live the life you truly desire
It’s time for you to focus inward instead of outward
It’s time for you to stop going down the rabbit hole in your head
It’s time for you to gain clarity in order to make the best decisions for you
It’s time for you to stop focusing on everyone else and focus on yourself

It’s YOUR time.

Join me in this self-paced Find Your Path Group Course.

Working with Tess has been the most life-changing experience for me – I am so grateful for the many ways she has empowered me to be a more confident, secure, and balanced person over our work together. She is so easy to open up to, non-judgmental, and has an incredible sense of humor – she’s enabled so many perspective shifts and “aha moments” for me, and I can’t thank her enough! Coaches like Tess make the world a better place.


Age: 25

I’ve designed this program for YOU. You’ll get the support, guidance, direction you’ve been craving and you’re not going to be doing it alone anymore.

In the Find Your Path Course you will:

  • Find the right path that lights you up and leads you to your life’s purpose + true happiness
  • Feel the confidence to take the road less traveled
  • Feel empowered about the direction your life is headed (both personally and professionally)
  • Uncover the confidence in yourself and your abilities to actually make the right decisions for yourself (and stop caring what others think about your decisions)
  • Discover your big, huge, important WHY

If you want to change your life and gain the confidence and clarity you’ve been missing don’t do it alone.

It takes vision, a strategic plan to get there, consistent action, and a whole lot of support and accountability along the way, which is why it is way easier to do if you have someone to guide you.

So I’ve got some questions for you:

Are you ready to do this?
Are you ready to kick mediocrity to the curb?
Are you ready to do your life differently?
Are you ready for real change?
Are you ready to finally put yourself first?

If you are then it’s time for you to join us and Find Your Path!

This is a simple 6-part course designed to address the six (6) biggest issues 20-somethings face in today’s world.

Week 1: How to know if you’re happy enough (and what you can do about it if you’re not)
Week 2: How to make the best decisions for you (and only you)
Week 3: How to stop worrying about what other people think of you
Week 4: How to take action towards your big dreams in life
Week 5: How to bounce back from disappointment
Week 6: How to make decisions without freaking out using my easy to follow 3 step decision making process that you can use to help you make any decisions for years to come

What you get each week:

  • Weekly video teaching you that week’s lesson
  • Workbook with activities and resources

All of this for…only $997

Meet your Coach, Tess!

Tess Brigham (LMFT, BCC) is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Board-Certified Coach and specializes in helping 20-somethings discover their unique life path so they can go out into the world and make an impact.

At age 27, Tess seemed to have it all as a top Hollywood junior talent manager. But on the inside, things felt empty and pointless. She took a huge risk, quit her job, and rebuilt a career and life she loved. Now she helps other early-career professionals navigate the same quarter-life crisis process.

With over 15 years of experience, Tess has helped thousands of people find their purpose, develop their confidence and create a life they’re excited about living. Identifying your issues is one thing, taking action to get past them is another. Tess’s rare combination of being a trained psychotherapist and a certified coach make her uniquely qualified to help 20-somethings find clarity so they can confidently discover their path and make an impact on the world.

Your time is NOW! Grab your spot TODAY !