The last year threw a lot of things into chaos. Lives, futures, and communities all changed very quickly. However, the last year also brought with it new opportunities. If you are in school now, just left school a little while ago, or have been out for a while, you might be on the lookout for a career change. A lot of promising industries are still looking for more skilled and driven people to fill up their ranks. Here are a few growing industries to consider a career in as you continue forward in life.


Healthcare as an industry has grown substantially over the last few decades. People are living longer and need more healthcare as they age. With the turmoil of last year, it can be intimidating to imagine entering such a volatile field. However, it doesn’t show signs of slowing down its growth, so getting into the industry now will set you up for the future. Be prepared to work hard, though. It’s also a very competitive field.


As long as humans continue to work and get bored, they’re going to need something to keep them entertained. The demand for remote entertainment drastically increased over the past year and it’s a good time to get in on the ground floor of TV production, movie production, and video game design. If you want a little more creativity in your career, a job in the entertainment industry might be the right direction to take.

Software Development

With so many companies ramping up their online presence, quality software developers are sorely in demand. If you enjoy working with computers and like to problem solve on your own, becoming a software developer can put you in the right place. As online businesses become more and more common, the demand is only going to increase, so it’s a good time to get your foot in the door.


Educators have a very important job in teaching the future leaders of the world. Going into the education field as a teacher or administrator is all about figuring out what you can do for your students. This is definitely a growing industry to consider a career in. In fact, the last year has shown people just how important this industry really is.


With brighter days ahead of us, companies are looking to their own futures and getting back to where they were. Sales professionals are special people that understand how their clients think and know what they want. Sales as an industry is about to start climbing again as more and more companies try to recover what they lost over the last year. If you enjoy working with people and the thrill of the sale, this one might be for you.