Love Life Course

 Good news!


I’ve created a course called the Kick-Ass Love Life mini-course. It’s all about supporting you in figuring out who you want to date, having the confidence to show up and when to walk away.  It won’t take long. It’s not hard. And you will use these tools for the rest of your life.

I have created this ONLINE course just for you. You’ll get access to all the modules on day 1. So there’s no waiting around for the next piece of content to drop. If you want to binge the course instead of Netflix, go for it.


Sign up today and I’ll give you the option to purchase a 1:1 session with me for 50% OFF. On this call, I will support you to get the MOST of this program and I can help you in working through any issues you are having when it comes to dating. We will strategize your next steps together.

This is invaluable.

Don’t miss out on all of this and so much more. SIGN UP TODAY!

I want just the course for $37!

I want the course and 1:1 for $197!

Cart closes Midnight of February 14th!

Why is the course only $37? I know you are asking yourself that right now.

Here’s the deal. I believe help shouldn’t always been out of reach money-wise and don’t let the price fool you. I know your love life feels big and overwhelming and you’re not sure if $37 will fix it but it can and it will!

What you get inside the course…

Kick Ass Love Life course will help you to:

  • Instant access to the full Kick Ass Love Life course

  • Five beautifully designed PDF workbook to accompany each module

  • Videos bursting with love from Tess as she guides you through the course

  • Audio tutorials that you can download and listen to on-the-go

  • A private online group where you can hang out with Tess and other supportive women

  • Find out why you’ve been getting so stuck when it comes to your love life

  • Realize the importance of cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and learn how to start doing that

  • Learn why you’ve been attracting the wrong kind of guys into your life and how to start attracting the right kind of guys

  • Learn how to become a magnet to the kind of relationship you really deserve

  • Learn how to let your guard down, turn that green light on and make yourself available

  • Discover a whole new way of approaching dating – one that is intelligent and fun

  • Feel genuinely excited about what lies ahead!

Working with Tess on a couple past relationships and times when I was stuck and needed to figure out next steps has been really helpful. She’s asked the important questions to help me with some self reflection and to see things in a new perspective, while offering helpful guidance and feedback. Her depth of experience has helped me figure out what I need from a partner and continue to take steps in the right direction!

— M.G.