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Sort out your swirling thoughts.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you’re not alone. There’s a reason hundreds of Etsy shops feature “I can’t adult today” mugs. It’s hard, and there’s so much to think about.

You’re a smart, motivated achiever, and you crave a life you love. That means a job you enjoy, a fulfilling relationship, financial freedom, and the ability to pursue your dreams.

But you don’t know how to make that happen.

So instead, you’ve been spinning in circles. Feeling trapped at work, unsuccessful at dating, and frustrated by how your life is panning out.

Unlock your true potential with guided support.

When you work with a coach, you’ll get help sorting out your thoughts and feelings, so you can make a plan for your life, set strategic goals, and create a focused roadmap that keeps you motivated along the way.

When we work together, you’ll have a partner on your journey — someone who has survived her own quarter-life crisis and knows how to help. With my psychotherapy training, I’m more than a coach. I provide a safe, nourishing space where you can focus in on loving your life.

3 steps to overcome the overwhelm

Hop on a free call

During our 30-minute chat you can brain dump everything on your mind. I’ll ask you some questions and make a recommendation for us to move forward.

Set out on your journey

We’ll work together to define your goals, create a clear path forward, and take action — whether it’s in a single session, multiple sessions, or a group setting.

Kick ass

You’ll emerge with a new, personalized toolbox for navigating your life. You’ll be able to move forward with clarity and confidence.

Take back control of your life.

Are you ready to finally fall in love with your life? As a trained psychotherapist and life coach, I work with clients in three primary ways:

3-2-1-Go: Individual, Personalized Coaching Support

Receive individual support that grows with you as you set out to live the life you truly desire. Through 1:1 coaching calls, you’ll have the space to ask questions, receive guidance, and create a plan for your future. I’ll be there for you every step of the way, and when you’re through you’ll have exactly what you need to step forward on your own.

Over the course of our partnership, you’ll have me in your corner. You’ll be fully supported as you identify your goals, create a plan of attack, and take action. As you gain the confidence and clarity you need, our sessions will become less frequent, giving you the space you need to fully thrive.

Your time includes:

  • 12 personalized, 60-minute coaching sessions, where you can be heard and work through your current frustrations. We’ll start out with
  • 3 sessions a month, then go down to 2 and finally 1.
  • Personalized action plans after each session, so you can hit the ground running with productive next steps.
  • Email and/or Voxer support throughout our time together, so you can reach out when you have questions, need extra support, or are looking for accountability.
  • Research and referrals as needed, to make sure you have all the tools you need for your journey.

Choose from one of three tracks:

  • Relationships: Stop worrying about whether you’ll find your one-and-only, how to communicate with your partner, or what to do when things go awry. Learn how to navigate the difficult world of dating, commitment, and love.
  • Career: It’s time to say goodbye to soul-sucking work, overbearing managers, and dead-end jobs. Find the career path that lights you up and leaves you excited for your future.
  • Mindset: Sometimes every choice feels riddled with consequences, and we can fall into the trap of self-doubt. Identify how to overcome these mindset traps and approach any decision with certainty.

Launch Your Millenial

As the parent of a millennial, you’ve seen the frustration. Your child may have graduated from college, but they aren’t quite there yet. They might still be living at home, struggling to find a career they love, or faltering when it comes to their relationships.

With Launch Your Millenial, you can gift your adult child with the support they need to build friendships, establish a career, find love and develop independence. It is a six-month program designed specifically for the young adult who is feeling overwhelmed and stuck. 


Bite-sized support for real results.

If now isn’t the right time for you to commit to a coaching relationship, but you do want answers, you’re in the right place.

My programs and products are designed to support you through some of the biggest challenges and decisions of your life — and you can do it all on your own from the comfort of home.

Not sure where to start?

I’m here to make decisions easier, not harder. If you aren’t sure which form of support will help you most, let’s talk. Schedule a free 30-minute brain dump session, and we’ll decide the best course of action together.