Coach With Me


It is my passion to help you find a program that fits your needs and desires more than other thing you’ve ever experienced before! Take a look at these three packages to determine which one would work for you.

Let me tell you a quick story about a 24 year old client of mine who was struggling with finding the finding confidence and setting clear boundaries in her relationships.

She was in a relationships that was strained and living a life that felt stuck is every area: physically and emotionally. Her job wasn’t the issue, but everything else in her life was.

We determined what she wanted for long-term support to help her address those inabilities to set boundaries and to help her find the confidence that she so desperately deserved.

After putting in the work of journaling, reading, listening to podcasts all in an effort to help boost her confidence and self-compassion, she was able to see that through motivated and direct work, she could finally see the changes she desired in her life!

Her life seemed “out of control” and full of “too many problems” before we started together. After we did the work, she left  feeling “in control” of everything in her life! And, she proudly started shifting her thinking about herself and started recognizing she had more control over her life than she ever even realized!

If you’re ready to take control back of your life and start living the way you want to live, schedule a consult today!


Kick-ass in simply one session!

I’m not a mind reader (wish I was – wouldn’t that be awesome!) but my guess is you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed these days. From the outside looking in, you’ve got it all going on but on the inside…you’re struggling with the fear that this is it…this is…adulthood. You’re very grateful for everything you have but it feels like it could be and should be better. Your job is OK but you want it to feel more like a “calling.” Your love life is a series of ups and downs and you just want to know you’re going to have a fulfilling life with someone who loves and appreciates you. Your friends are scattered all over the country and your parents are helpful but just don’t have any idea how to help you. Right now you’re overwhelmed and you’ve been going in circles trying to figure out what you should or should not focus on.

This is where I come in…

This one-on-one coaching session is your opportunity to get the guidance and support you need.

My job is to help you sort out all of those thoughts swirling around in your head and make sense of where and how to start. Together we’re going to sort out all the thoughts in your head and by the end of the session you’re going to walk away with one kick-ass plan of action. 

By the end of this session you’ll know exactly what you need to work on to kick-ass and take names and truly do this thing called…adulthood.

Ask anyone who knows me but I really don’t like bragging about myself but I do want to tell you what’s different about working with me. My education and background in psychology with over a decade worth of experience counseling individuals, couples and families from all different backgrounds in fast-paced environments has taught me how to get to the crux of an issue quickly.

My psychotherapy training allows me to help you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings while my coaching experience gives me the tools to help you start to make a plan for your life, set goals, and stay focused and motivated along the way. There is no better, more-effective way to help you to get from where you are today to where you want to go.

This package includes:

  • Intake questionnaire that I’ll review prior to our appointment to better understand where you are and what you’re hoping to accomplish.

  • 60-minute call to create your life strategy with actionable steps to create long-lasting results in your life.

  • A plan of action emailed to you after the session so you can start making your goals a reality!

  • A follow-up check-in two weeks after the call to make sure you’re still on the right path and working towards your goals.

  • Any additional resources I find such as articles, videos, podcasts, etc… that I think will help you with your particular situation.

Investment: $297 one-time payment

If you know this is what you need then let’s do this…

You may be wondering…Tess…is this the only way I can work one-on-one with you? There are lots of ways we can work together but what I’ve found over the years is that an initial coaching session is an easy, fun, low-commitment (both in time and money) way for us to work together. You get to know me. I get to know you. When we check in two weeks after our initial session, we talk about where you’re at in life. Some people found they got exactly what they needed from our initial session – which is awesome! Other people found they were ready to make big changes and wanted the extra support, accountability and partnership provided by one-on-one coaching.

Still unsure? Click the button below and schedule a 15-minute FREE phone consultation with me to discuss if this is the next right step for you.